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Who We Are

Our Team

Our team is comprised of PoS enthusiasts. We put this project together for 2 reasons: first, our business helps strengthen and increase the value of any altcoins we add to our staking pool and second, to provide our clients with an income opportunity.

We conducts due diligence on altcoins before we add them to our stake pool. This work involves: discussions with the altcoin developers, and running test wallets which are staked separately from our clients holdings. When we are statisfied with the result then the altcoin is added to our staking pool.



Bitcoins emerged as a new digital currency and transaction process


We started our venture into Crytpo Currency and Mining


The first POS coin emerged


We switched from hardware Mining to POS Mining as a group


We began researching all POS coins and how they worked


We launched StakeMiners official website.

Our Mission and Promise

StakeMiners.com Mission

The StakeMiners Mission is to maximize the profit of each altcoin we select, through effective wallet staking. This will allow us to offer an equally fair recurring income opportunity for all our clients involved.

StakeMiners.com Promise

We will give you our best effort to ensure you receive the best rate of return.


Why Use StakeMiners.com

There are no maintenance fees, and your principal can be withdrawn. To improve security we maintain a number of manual processes, which allow us a strong overview of our operation.


What Are The Benefits

It is easy to open an account and make your deposits. As a client, you can choose to have your weekly earnings sent to a wallet or you can reinvest them, increasing your percentage stake in the pool.

If you have questions, you can reach us by email, telephone, or Facebook. We also maintain an active Twitter account.

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How It Works

  • We operate a Proof of Stake (PoS) operation. We buy various altcoins which we hold in an electronic wallet. Each wallet is connected to its specific altcoin network, which allows us to collect earnings thru minting new coins for that network. The value of our earnings is based on the additional altcoins being created inside our wallets. Those coins we earn are then exchanged for the Bitcoin value of those respective coins.

    As our staking pool is quite large, over 100 BTC worth of various Altcoins. We can purchase large blocks of various altcoins which in turn reward us with more altcoins. Each week the new altcoins we receive become your earnings which are then payed out to you based on the percentage of Stakeminers you own. If you own 5% of Stakeminers, then you will receive 5% of the weeks earnings.

  • The cycle is simple: the more coins we hold, the more coins we can stake, the more coins we stake, the more earning generated each week, and the more payout you will receive. We never withdraw our principal altcoin investement, only the weekly profits.

    Please note that if an issue should arise with an altcoin that may negatively impact our investment in that altcoin we would sell our principal. The principal will be held for reinvestment in another altcoin, it is not distributed as earnings.