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RateCoin (Now Managed by is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world.

New reward scheme is designed to give higher reward % if you take longer to stake your output. If you stake in less than 1 day, you will get a 0.25% rate.

If you stake in over 1 day less than 2 day you will receive 1%.

For every doubling of days after that, you will receive 1.5 times more rate, up to 256 days for a reward of 25.6289%.

There is also an added minimum reward of 100 coins. If you would like to save some of your coins for a certain amount of time, simply go to coin control and right click on the coin and select "lock" and it will prevent it from staking.

Netcoin is a non-political online currency, Netcoin is backed exclusively by code. This means that—ultimately—it is only as good as its software design. By funding the Netcoin infrastructure, including a core development team, we can make Netcoin more respected, trusted and useful to people worldwide.

Cryptography is the key to Netcoin’s success. It’s the reason that no one can double spend, counterfeit or steal Netcoins. If Netcoin is to be a viable money for both current users and future adopters, we need to maintain, improve and legally protect the integrity of the protocol.

Netcoin needs to be clearer about its purpose and technology. Allowing the community to speak through a single source will enable Netcoin to improve its reputation.

HyperStake is meant to be an experiment in cryptocurrency economics. Do you like the thrill of living on the bleeding edge, and getting the features before the others? Then HyperStake is for you.

We won’t experiment for the sake of experimenting. We want the coin to be viable too.

We will listen to you, we will use bounties to encourage community participation and code.

HyperStake is using a fork launch, a new approach to initial distribution. This means we had to actually buy into the coin instead of creating an IPO or pre-mining. A quick warning that the mother coin, TRK, did have a premine of 120k which is mostly spent and is completely unrelated and uncontrolled by the HYP team.

TEKcoin is a built using advanced Bitcoin technology.

TEKcoin is distributed in a fast and fair way, without wasting resources on expensive hardware and electricity.

Instead of investing in expensive mining gear, you can directly invest in TEKcoin and Eco-Mint using SuperStake.

TEKcoin pays it users interest for supporting the network . Unlike Bitcoin which requires expensive hardware to mint coins, TEKcoin Eco-Mints using SuperStake and just minimal electricity and hardware.

Join the team and Eco-Mint TEKcoins while supporting the network.